About Celeste Lovick

“Medicine Song is a captivating read, a spiritual odyssey with soul lessons a-plenty, and characters who will stay with you long after you've finished reading. A big warm hug of a book that will change you for the better.”

Lucy H. Pearce, Amazon #1 bestselling author of Burning Woman; Moon Time; The Rainbow Way









































Medicine Song is the new novel by Celeste Lovick.

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Embarking on a life-altering journey through the green fields of an extraordinary festival, a young songwriter changes the course of her life for good when she is faced with the truth of herself and the possibilities of the question: What would my life look like if it was guided by love?

Medicine Song is an invitation to dance in the Water, Fire, Air and Earth of this reality and to wake up to the true magic and mystery at the centre of every one of us and the power of the human heart to heal and create real change.


“Medicine Song is a beautifully written and captivating story, transporting us to the green fields of Glastonbury and bringing a transformative experience to life with love. It's not only eye opening, but will open hearts and minds to the healing powers and insightful perspectives unveiled throughout.”

H.P.Carr, Amazon bestselling author of An Invitation... To the Life of Your Dreams


“Fantastic, a kind of journey and instructional and very much an uplifting and inspiring story. All in all, a wonderful, magical book, and so in tune with what so many people are going through at this time.” 

Johnny Fincham, Author of The Spellbinding Power of Palmistry


“This book is both a beautiful folk tale and a helpful guide as a musician and performer. An absolute page turner (I literally couldn't put it down!) that takes us into a world of healing and connection, where we meet consciously opening people of integrity and creativity, energy and passion. I was drawn in by characters I felt I knew and places so familiar. Tender, hopeful and romantic, Medicine Song is written with knowledge, passion, innocence and depth and I would recommend this book to all musicians and magical weavers who want to share their work and are looking for a way to open to the bliss of who we truly are.....and to anyone who loves a great adventure.”

Vanya Green, She Who Knows Magazine